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Placer County Rental Assistance Application Process

Click or Call

Use this site to start your application process.
Call 2-1-1 (833-342-5211) for additional assistance.


Check Eligibility

Check your eligibility and priority status by confirming the following: 

1. Zip Code
2. Answering Yes to the following:

• Confirm your annual household income is at or below 80% of the Area Median Income
• Have experienced a reduction in income due to COVID-19
• Are at risk of housing instability or eviction


Submit Questionnaire

Complete and submit the online eligibility pre-screening form.

Renter eligibility submission will be reviewed, verified, and prioritized based on the following:

Group A

• Renters whose household income is less than 50% Area Median Income (AMI)
• Renters whose household income is less than 80% AMI and have been unemployed for 90 consecutive days prior to submitting an application

Group B

• Renters whose household income is greater than 50% but less than 80% AMI


Receive Application Packet

Depending on eligibility verification and priority status, renter will be sent the Placer County rental assistance application packet directly via email.


Collect Documents

Renter gathers the necessary paperwork to complete the application:

• Proof you live in Placer County
• Proof you are at risk of housing instability or eviction
• Proof you lost income due to COVID-19
• Proof you are income eligible 
• Past due or current utility bill, may include natural gas and propane, electricity, garbage, water, and sewer bills (If you are applying for utility assistance only)


Submit Completed Application

Renter follows application submission steps as directed, ensuring all necessary documents from the tenants, landlord and utility companies are complete for the Placer County Rental Assistance Program to successfully process the application.


Notification of Award

Renter and landlord/utility notified of award (if approved).


Disbursement of Funds

Disbursement of funds to landlord/utility.



Placer County Rental Assistance Application Process Infographic

Now Accepting Applications Through April 30, 2021